Friday, October 21, 2011

Say Anything Family

Say Anything Family by Northstar Games

Another great game from Northstar Games!  Say Anything Family Edition is geared toward ages 8 and up and for 3-6 players.

The game itself contains 60 question cards with a total of 360 topics, 6 dry erase pens and 6 dry erase boards, 1 SELECT-O-MATIC-6000 which is a spinner used to determine player order, 12 player tokens, 1 dry erase score board, and 1 full color rules booklet.

The Bentz Testing laboratory is LOVING all the games we've gotten to test this year.  Little do they know, I've been sneaking some learning in as well...shhh - don't tell them all of these games have been excercising their brains too!

Say Anything Family starts with the "judge player" choosing a card and reading a question.  The questions are thought provoking, subjective type - i.e "If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be?"
Then, the players write down their answer on a dry-erase board (except the judge) and they place it face down.  The judge chooses the answer they like best.  Everyone else uses chips to guess which one the judge picked.  Finally, the judge reveals which answer they picked.  If you had the answer the judge selected, or one with chips on it, you get a point.  The game ends after everyone has been judge (you decide how many rounds to play).

This one was a huge hit - Say Anything Family doesn't have a "right answer" - you can discuss the questions.  And, judging from the conversations I overhead - that's what it encourages - family conversation!  In fact, while looking for "icebreakers" for our small group night - my son said, "Mom- go get Say Anything Family - it's full of topics for you to talk about!"

The Bentz Learning Laboratory has been playing this game non-stop (when they aren't playing Wits & Wagers Family).  They even invited friends over to play this one!

We have become HUGE fans of Northstar Games - we also were sent - Wits & Wagers Family, you can read our thought about that game here.  Find a retailer near you here - the game retails for $19.99 (I think it would be a great "family" Christmas present!).

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I was sent a complimentary game in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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