Friday, October 21, 2011

American Girl Club - Felicity - Week 2

Felicity - Week 2

This week the girls made paper fans, and played the "Game of Graces".

The fans were constructed out of beautiful, "colonial" look scrapbook paper - folded and glued to be sturdy.
Fan blades were held together on the bottom with a copper brad, and ribbon laced through each created the "fan".

We discussed the purposes for colonial girl's fans - not just keeping them cool... They also used them for "accessories", to whisper behind, and to hide that they hadn't brushed their teeth!

After completeing our fans, it was outside (beautiful fall day) to play the Game of Graces.  Ribbons were woven around a circle (otherwise known today as the inner ring of an embroidery hoop) and the girls used sticks to GRACEFULLY toss the pretty ring back and forth to each other.

The MCA discussed how doing the "small, hard things" can add up to a really BIG hard thing over time!

The littles had a great time playing follow the leader in the back yard.

So very thankful for this wonderful group of families!  We welcomed the 10th "little" - Maggie Elizabeth Hopp born on American Girl Club day!  (how perfect is that!) 

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