Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marshall Publishing - George Washington Carver: His Life and Work DVD

George Washington Carvewr: His Life and Work - DVD

From their website:
"Born into slavery and reared during the Reconstruction years in the South, George Washington Carver struggled through poor health, poverty and prejudice…to become a great benefactor, not only to his people…but to his country as well. Carver is known in history books as the “peanut man” – for his research into and promotion of alternative crops to cotton. As one of the world’s foremost experts in agriculture and horticulture, Carver, through his research and teaching at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama practically reinvented land management in the South. He is said to have compiled a list of over 300 uses for and by-products of peanuts such as cosmetics, dyes and paints, plastics, gasoline and nitroglycerin.

But his work as a creative scientist stretches far beyond that endeavor. He marveled at the world around him and his ability to inspire those closely associated with him may well have been one of his greatest lifetime achievements. As a living example of the importance of hard work, a positive attitude and a good education, Carver was instrumental in changing the stereotype of the time that the black race was intellectually inferior to the white race.

Here then, is the story of Carver’s life…a life that should not be forgotten, for it is full of hope, meaning and inspiration. To commemorate his life and inventions, George Washington Carver Recognition Day is celebrated on January 5, the anniversary of Carver's death."

The DVD is 30 min. long.  Designed for 4th Grade - Adult. You can access a Study Guide to use with it.

The Bentz Test Laboratory was excited to watch this video (yes, we are homeschoolers and we really LIKE educational movies!). We moved to Arkansas from Minnesota 2 years ago. With Grandparent in AR, we had been making the long trek south for many years.  We always pass the George Washington Carver National Monument in Neosho Missouri.  I have always wanted to stop and visit, but you know how husbands can be when trying to reach a destination! (that means - only "necessary" potty stops...)  But, now - after watching this video - the children and I are more determined than ever to "Stop the bus, Dad!" next time we drive by.

The video was well done, and very informative.  I loved how it showcased George Washington Carver's own words throughout and highlighted his Christian Worldview.  We learned much more about this amazing man than we had previously known.  And, it has sparked an interest to learn even more - exactly what I desire!  Homeschooling at it's best - something to create a "spark" that grows into a "fire" to learn something new.

You can purchase this DVD - for $19.95 online from Marshall Publishing.  They also have manyothers educational titles to choose from - check out the selection here.

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I was sent a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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