Sunday, October 16, 2011

Always Ice Cream

Always Ice Cream

This is so much fun!  I know it's designed for girls 7-12, but this "slightly older" girl had fun playing it too!

From their website:
"Always Icecream offers fun and relevant drills in core academic subjects embedded in a safe and loving community experience. Parents are also given the option to choose Christian educational content if they want to offer this to their daughters."

From the Bentz Laboratory testers:
"This is the funnest thing you've ever gotten us, and mom - it's educational, so you don't have to worry!"

I love, love, love this website!  Finally, a place "just for girls" (understand the "why" here).  And, my testers are right, it is educational.

 Many of our educational games haven't had the same appeal to my daughters as to my sons.  They love this one - it's!  And, of course - there are cute pets to take care of, and places to decorate.  You get the point - it's for GIRLS!  But, in order to do all these fun, girl activities - you have to excercise your brain (the part I love!).  You earn "scoops" that you can use for fun activities by playing educational games from math, geography, science, languages - even Bible trivia.

Try the 50 States geography game for FREE (and test your own knowledge).

"As an added benefit, Always Icecream teaches your daughter basic internet skills in a safe and protected environment. Parents have the option to enable community features for their daughter, enabling her to communicate with her friends on Always Icecream. She also learns to provide feedback to the contributions of her friends. For added safety, communication on the site is monitored and reviewed before it is visible to other users. And, as parents, you receive regular email updates about the learning activities of your daughter."

The Bentz testers have enjoyed every minute of this website.  If you need a great "incentive" to get them motivated...why don't you give them some Always Ice Cream!

You can try Always Ice Cream for:

$4.99 per month (only $0.99 for your first month!)
$9.98 for a Two Month membership
$29.99 for a One Year membership
$99.99 for a LIFETIME membership

Parents can find out how to earn membership months by helping spread the word here.

Find out what other members of the TOS Review Crew think about it here.

I was given a complimentary membership in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.

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  1. My daughter also loved this website. She loved having something just for her which was so girly.

    I appreciate how she can spend time on the computer and learn at the same time.

    Following you.