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Unauthorized from Chara Games: A TOS Crew Review

Chara Games

There is nothing better than a game we can ALL play!  We have been enjoying learning a new game called Unauthorized from Chara Games.  This fun game is designed for 6-12 players.  The age on the box is 12+, but we played with ages 8 to 17, and everyone enjoyed it.

The game is designed to take 30 minutes.  It consists of 4 rounds.  I love that this game is easy to learn, and easy to play.  Having some serious board/card gamers around here... not all games are this family friendly!

The game is very high quality - with a sturdy box to hold everything.  The game contains the following items:
  • Rule Book
  • Role Cards
  • Dealer Reference Card
  • Player Reference Card
  • Experience Cards
It's a role play game in which your goal is to grow the underground church, or to try to stop the underground church.  I love the focus from Chara Games on producing well-designed, high quality games that encourage Christian values and discussions in respectful ways.  We've reviewed another game from them - Commissioned, you can read about it here.

The game begins with each player getting a Role Card.  Each Role Card has a special "power" printed on the card that allows the player to make a unique move during their turn.  This is the role play portion of the game, and makes the play lively!

We played with 7 players our first game - so we had one Pastor and one Police while the rest of us were "undecideds".

The Rule Book is very easy to understand, and all the rules and process of play is very clearly explained.   In addition, the game includes cards to leave on the table that have the card actions and player choices outlined.  This was so valuable playing with a variety of ages and abilities.  Everyone could easily refer back to them when it was their turn.

The Experience Cards determine a player's loyalty - Red for the State, Green for the Church.  The winner is decided by which card color is the majority at the end of the game.  The cards have different "experiences" like persecution, intolerance, indoctrination or curious about the faith, disillusioned with the state, and encounter spiritual truth.  There are also "wild cards" that the player gets to use as they wish for their loyalty.


Each of the 4 rounds has players passing cards to each other.  This changes everyone's hand, and potential loyalties.  You must begin play being loyal to the color with the greatest number of cards in your hand, and you can't change - unless instructed to (we did have a minor meltdown from a young player that didn't want to be part of the State :-)  Guess we're teaching them well!)   The game is both individual and cooperative. The end goal is for a majority to be loyal to the church, and have at least one player not in prison (the special power of the police)

Each round allows a player to also choose an action to complete - use their power, speak to a neighbor, seek parole (if they have been imprisoned) or a Public Execution (only the police can do this, and only once in the game).   

Poor girl was executed....  But-the Church prevailed!

We really enjoyed the game, and it has quickly become a family go-to.  It's nice that you can play with more players, especially in a family our size.  But this would also be great for your small group to play together.  It really encourages great discussions about the "experiences" of being a Christian in a very non-threatening way.  You definitely want to check it out!

 You can check out a brief video to see how to play:

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