Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Fairy Birthday Party

I have to confess... neither of these children of mine have EVER had a birthday party.   So, we decided to have a joint birthday party (since they have many of the same friends).

I am so happy with our theme... "Fairies"   I had a blast putting it all together, and so did they!  And, best of all - it was easy and inexpensive.

We did cupcakes instead of cake.  I had these adorable flower liners in the cabinet, and found the fairy picks on Amazon.  I loved how they turned out.  We used the fairy crowns (also from Amazon) for our centerpiece, and each girl took one home.

 Our activity for the party was making Fairy Gardens.  So simple!  A plastic bowl, a wooden bird house, some potting soil, a plant and rocks, moss, or fairy stuff, the fairies were from our cupcakes.

My big girls had an excellent time helping with the prep and making their own!

 The Birthday Girls!

We had cupcakes and an ice cream sundae bar.  The waffle bowls made it very fun, and the fairy plates were just the right touch. (Amazon again!)

 We even had entertainment   -  Our very own...Fairy Magician!

 The girls loved him!

Everyone's gardens turned out beautiful - and unique!

This was so much fun... I may have to get back into birthday parties every year!

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