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Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series: A TOS Crew Review

Adventures of Rush Revere
Adventures of Rush Revere

Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh

The Bentz Test Laboratory is having a blast reading the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series!  American history has never been so much fun!  We were delighted to get the entire series, we're reading them together as a family read aloud this summer and haven't been able to put them down. They do come in audiobook versions as well, perfect for your summer road trips.

There are five books in the series designed for 8-12 year olds (but, we all are enjoying them!)

1. Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims - Rush Revere takes us back to 1620 with his time traveling, and talking horse - Liberty.  Learn all about the challenges the brave Pilgrims faced to travel to this new world.

2. Rush Revere and the Brave Patriots - Rush and Liberty, along with their favorite students - Tommy, Freedom and Cam, are busy meeting important figures like Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry and even King George III.  This book takes us to the events leading up to the American Revolution.  

3. Rush Revere and the American Revolution - Rush, rush, rushing to history!  Rush, Liberty and especially Cam learn important lessons from the leaders of the American Revolution.  This one is an action packed history adventure!

4. Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner - Rush and the gang explore the places that have become beloved America symbols while learning all about American government with a stop at the White House and Washington Monument.

5. Rush Revere and the Presidency - Rush, Liberty and the students take a time travel visit to the wives of past Presidents to give us a lesson on American elections and the responsibilities of our leaders.

My husband and I were big fans of Rush Limbaugh (while we were dating... over 25 years ago!)  So, I was immediately interested in what Rush, who has co-authored with his wife, had to say about American History.  He is a very passionate lover America, and his personally written forward in each book is very  inspiring. 

He highlights that America is truly exceptional because of our "everyday people".  He is grateful for those who defend our country in the Armed forces.  He encourages us to "honor, revere, and appreciate" our freedoms. And finally, to stay informed citizens. 

I have to mention,  these are BEAUTIFUL books.  They are hardcover with pages that are heavy, high quality paper, which just feels right, anyone know what I'm talking about?

They are also filled with beautiful, full-color photographs.  They have been done with excellence, which is a lesson in itself... right!

The books are written in a light-hearted, contemporary style that appealed to my children. We like to laugh!  

Liberty, the talking horse, was hands-down our favorite for his semi-snarky comments.  It's our love language around here.   Interwoven into the exciting time-travel stories, is quite a substantial amount of American history lessons,  But, it doesn't feel like "one of mom's educational books", according to my testers!

In addition - you do not want to miss the activity packed website. Find links for online games, quizzes, activities, a book club and even scholarships! Check it out here.  

Rush Revere's library is a treasure trove of additional links and information for your American history study,  all in one place.

The website offers a free, downloadable Study Guide for each of the books.  They include chapter summaries and quizzes for your students.  Extra activities for each book are available as well.

This series is a welcome addition to your American history study, proving that learning can be fun and educational at the same time.

Don't miss it!

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Adventures of Rush Revere

Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series {Reviews}

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