Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Road Tripping 2016 - St. Louis

Following our road tripping...here's our other stop.

After a good night's rest, we decided to discover St. Louis.

Our morning adventure - The City Musuem.  This place virtually defies explanation.  It's a child's dreamland (not much musuem-y..)

They have thousands of tunnels, tubes, a 10 STORY slide, tree houses, caves and secret passageways to explore.

It's an old shoe factory in the heart of downtown, with 10 floor and a rooftop of places to explore. The outside is as magical as the inside.  I climbed this!! (my kiddos thought I was pretty brave for someone who refuses to step on grates in the ground!)

Fun for BIG kids, and little kids!

I will tell you - several spots were a tad too tight for my size, so I simply sat and watched the joy on my kiddos... ages 18-6 as they ran by.  This was a major HIGHLIGHT of our vacation.

If you go to St Louis - DO NOT MISS THIS PLACE!

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