Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Writing

Do you want to keep your kiddos writing during the summer, but don't want to make them cry?

Me too...

So,  I did a quick search and found these neat printable journal quotes.  Printed them out, stuck them in a jar, and bought everyone a cute (or cool for the boys) new notebook.

Then,  I put this out in a visible spot... the side table in the piano room, and told everyone to pick a journal prompt from the jar each day.

I only want them to write 3-5 sentences, and I promise... NO RED PEN CORRECTING!  However, you do need to proofread your own writing to make sure they are "real" sentences :-)  Once you've done your journal prompt, put it in the box so we can "recycle". 

I'm surprised by how much the "surprise" of what prompt you pick is motivation to write. 

This has been a HUGE hit!  No tears, no struggling, and they are all writing...  Plus, I get a cool journal of their thoughts.

Why can't school be this easy all the time?

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