Monday, July 20, 2015

Bible Bee and my Littles

You probably have heard me rave about the Bible Bee.  If you want more info...visit their website!  It's never to late to participate in one of the studies!

We are in our 5th year, and it is a huge blessing to our entire family.  A summer filled with in-depth Bible study (at age appropriate levels), family discipleship and Scripture memory.  My children have grown so much spiritually through this investment.

The study this summer is on John 1-6


This year, the 2 youngest are getting to be actively involved with their own level (called the Splashers).  I LOVE this study!!  It's just the right amount for them. 

And, it has easy-to-do, hands-on activities too!


They earned "tickets" through our local Bible Bee meetings.  Guess what they used them for?  They used ALL their tickets to buy matchbox cars for us to take to India in August to give to the children there.

This is a great investment of a summer...don't you think?

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