Friday, February 13, 2015

Physics Fun

Sometimes I wonder what our neighbors think of us... but, most of the time - I'm just having too much fun homeschooling to care!  Anyone...?? Anyone...??

This was our day-

First, we analyzed forensic evidence to determine if I had indeed run over and killed the poor unfortunate squirrel in the middle of the street, suspiciously in the line of my ultra large van's tire prints. And, ironically right in front of the neighbor's yard that I backed into their parked car...

We determined, I must have run over a previously deceased creature (scientifically deduced, I mean).   Later in the day,  we watched several large vultures clean up said deceased creature... explaining produces, consumers, scavengers and the great circle of life.  Interestingly,  all that was left was a spine.  Removing any further doubts or evidences to my ability to drive carefully in our neighborhood.

Then, the great Physics Egg Drop experiment commenced.  Teams were given equal supplies of several sheet of paper, 2 tissues and a length of tape.  Their assignment,  create a landing space for eggs dropped off the ladder. 

Our kiddos, having moved several times, understood the value of a finely packed egg. Although they didn't quite follow the rules (another trademark homeschool trait) - their egg was able to take quite a drop!  (Movers everywhere could benefit from this simple teaching)


 Finally, my future movie directors decided it would be a grand time to make the next BIG superhero movie... in costume - in the front yard - right as school buses are coming home...

I do LOVE homeschooling at its finest!!

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