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IndoctriNation from Great Commission Films:A TOS Crew Review

IndoctriNation DVD Review

IndoctriNation from Great Commission Films

102 minute DVD - $19.95
IndoctriNation is also available in a book format. 

Colin Gunn, Scotland native turned Texan, and father to seven children,  has produced this hard, honest look at the American Public School System.  Traveling across the country with his family in a big, yellow school bus, this 102 minute DVD is an eye-opening journey for Christian teachers, parents and others involved with our children.  

Should you pop some popcorn and gather the kiddos for a family movie night?   NO!  This is NOT that kind of movie! This video does begin with a disclaimer that is it not intended for young audiences - you should definitely preview this before including any children.

In the first part of this documentary, Colin Gunn takes viewers on an inside look at the current state of Public Education.  Issues of drug & alcohol use, sexual promiscuity and violence are all discussed very frankly, even including shots of "condom lollipops" being distributed to children in elementary school!
Throughout the video - interviews with experts like John Taylor Gatto, Voddie Baucham, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Ken Ham, Gary North, Kevin Swanson, and  many more are presented that help build the case against Christians participating in our Public Education System.  

The second half of the film is a drive through the history of public schooling.  At each stop the yellow bus takes on new passengers that have become part of the fabric of American Public Education - Horace Mann, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, G. Stanley Hall, Ivan Pavlov, John Dewey and others.  It's a sobering visual of what is included in the Public School curriculum package.

I did choose to watch this film with my older teens.  We found it very interesting.  My 12 year old was too young for this material, and I really wish I would have followed the disclaimer's recommendation.  She ended up in tears, asking "why would anyone ever send children to these awful places?"  Be careful - the information presented is oftentimes disturbing.  The scenes from a parent that lost a child in the Columbine tragedy are heartbreaking, and graphic.

We have not chosen to home school our children from a standpoint of fear of the public schools.  There are plenty of Godly men and women, working tirelessly within the system to show the love of Christ.  This film follows both a young teacher and an experienced principal in their journeys through and out of the system.

We have chosen this path, because of our convictions from God that it was the best choice for our children.  This film's message, in my opinion, may take on a more "fear-based" decision to home school.  I don't recommend using this film as an outreach tool - or a persuasive look at the benefits of homeschooling.  While it's an honest look, at times it's more scary than encouraging, or empowering.

One interesting conversation about this film came from my teens.  They pointed out several logical fallacies that were being used in this documentary  (ie - appeal to fear) and how the filmmaker was able to convey his personal views by the use of music  and symbols - like the school bus.  We discussed that documentary-type films are not generally balanced presentations, and this one certainly one-sided toward home schooling.

Overall, I thought it was a very professionally done film.  It is full of information that all parents should have before making education decisions for their families.  I highly recommend seeing this, and I plan to watch it again, with no children.  

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IndoctriNation DVD Review
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