Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catus Jelly - Yeah for Texas!

We are learning all about our new home state... Texas!

This week, at Coop, we made Cactus Jelly.  I really thought it would be green...goes to show how much I have to learn :-)

I can't resist sharing some of our littlest kiddos learning in the kitchen!

Did you know this part of the cactus is called a "tuna"?  Neither did I - it's where the juice for the jelly comes from....

I just love this picture!  All hands on deck for this adventure!

This is an authentic "Texan" recipe from a Texan Grandmother...  I love handwritten recipes passed down the generations.  Note:  Write some of your favorites down - BY HAND for your kiddos!!

Our finished product!

Our jelly didn't quite set as expected.. but is was AMAZING on our pancakes the next day!

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