Tuesday, February 24, 2015

History looks good on You!

I really believe if you are studying history... it should look good!  It should be FUN!  If you are not learning about how God has woven together people, places and events throughout time... you should be.

Nothing captures my children's hearts and minds better than history.  Our favorite program is Mystery of History.  If all we did was read it, it would be enjoyable - but forgettable.  NO - do not do it this way!!  Let them experience it.

Here's how I do it - I turn them loose with plenty of craft supplies and the Activity Book.  They have to come up with their own activity (this works so much better now that they are a little older).  Then the fun begins...

Here's last week's "activities" - can you guess who they are?  Come on...think hard - here's a couple of hints:  Big, elaborate wigs... French... "Let them eat cake?"  You will never forget Marie Antoinette again!

Nothing needed from me, except permission to use the empty toilet paper tubes.  Here's another history tip - NEVER EVER throw away toilet paper tubes - they have more uses than you can imagine.

 See... a toilet paper tube can become a cannon!   Even Napoleon, himself would be proud to wear this fashionable design.

So, don't just settle for reading about history.  Let them bring it to life! (they did this without Pinterest...don't make it complicated moms!)   And, keep your camera handy...

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