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By Right of Conquest from Jim Hodges Productions: A TOS Crew Review

Jim Hodges Productions Review

By Right of Conquest from Jim Hodges Productions 

MP3 CD - $25  (audio download $18) -   13 hours, 13 minutes

Free MP3 Download of Chapter 19
Listen to Jim's comments on this book! 

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

The following selections were reviewed by the Crew:
The Bentz Test Laboratory has long been fans of GA Henty. These classic historical novels have been produced on an MP3 file format CD by master story teller Jim Hodges. They come either in a MP3 CD or as a digital download. These are computer CD's. The audio files will play on your computer CD drive, a DVD player (even the portable ones you take in the car with you), a laptop computer CD drive, or on an MP3 compatible CD player,  They will not play on a standard CD player.

Funny story... we actually have a Veggie Tales CD stuck in our van's CD player, so in order to listen to our By Right of Conquest from Jim Hodges Productions I picked up an inexpensive CD player that would play our new CD.  We excitedly gathered around to settle in to listen, when all of a sudden - the CD player started smoking!  Yikes!!  We knew this would be an andventure filled tale... just not this way :-)

After a quick exchange, we were back in action. Like I mentioned, we have been fans of GA Henty for quite a long time.  His stories are action packed, filled with adventure and able to ignite the imagination of everyone in our home.  In addition, these stories are faith filled, framed in a solid Christian worldview, and encourage one to think deeply.  Sharing  The Cat of Bubastes together many years ago, we knew we would LOVE this story too!

By Right of Conquest, set in early-sixteenth century England and Mexico,  tells the swashbuckling tale of Roger Hackshaw, a ship-wrecked Englishman who accompanies Hernando Cortes on his conquest of the Aztecs in Central America.   Recommended for ages 10 and up, however - my entire family listened to and enjoyed it.   Ages 5 and up... Younger students can follow along in the book as they listen. They are a great way to learn pronunciation, inflection, vocabulary, and a love for reading.

These stories will forever change your family... listening to them together builds a bond of shared experience that really lasts.  Not only will history come alive, you and your children will be inspired. The hero must show the strength of his character to survive the obstacles he encounters in this wild, new world.  After being worshipped, and hated - how will he choose to live?    When Cortes arrives, how will he prove his loyalty, and to whom?  Great thought provoking questions!  

We were also blessed to receive the PDF Study Guide - $12 for this book as well.  The 63 page Study Guide was an absolute gem.  Filled with vocabulary, comprehension questions, activities, and plenty of valuable internet links - this guide is a treasure.  Using the Guide, we were able to take the adventure on a new learning path as well.  Don't miss out on adding these Guides to your listening adventures - just the vocabulary exercises will pay off!  Answers are included, so you could use this Guide effectively, even if you didn't get to listen to it.  Perfect for High school students that are working independently. 

I was excited to find a Scope and Sequence on the website -   You can use this to add these amazing stories into your current history studies!

“My sincerest prayer is that all young men who read or listen to Henty historical novels will desire to become Mighty Men of Valor.” ~ Jim Hodges

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