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Apologia Educational Ministries : A TOS Crew Review

Apologia Review

iWitness Biblical Archaeology - $14 ,  New Testament iWitness- $14 & Old Testament iWitness - $14   from Apologia Educational Ministries

Apologia ReviewApologia Review

The iWitness series 
from Apologia Educational Ministries, recommended for ages 11 up a series that presents Biblical information in a fun, fresh way.   Each book is designed to look like a stack of documents.   Your student gets to investigate them and explore for answers on their own.

Instead of being a dusty textbook approach, your student gets challenged to look for answers on their own.  These books tackle many of the most common questions they may get challenged on as Christians, or even have themselves.  By getting them involved in looking for the answers, you get them to really own the information.  These books just beg to be explored!

The interview with the author - Doug Powell,  is an excellent place to find out more about his unique perspective and approach.

The Bentz Test Laboratory tester is my newly turned 15 (gulp) high school son.  My tester is fascinated with archaeology, so iWitness Biblical Archaeology immediately captured his attention.

The book is jam packed with information! Investigations of artifacts from the Flood to Jesus' Burial Shroud entralled him. Each section has a number of tidbits of information, plenty of pictures, and lots of evidence to explore. We both love how examining the evidence leads us closer to God. History is his story revealed to us, and this book does a great job of creating a desire to know even more.

New Testament iWitness takes you on a exploration of the Early church leaders, like Athansius and Eusebius, what criteria was used to create the canon of Scripture, the Church Fathers, the copying of Scripture, texual criticisms, information about recovered texts. 

This was a fascinating look at the Bible and how we got it. Since we had just studied this time period last year in history, it was even more appealing to my tester. I highly recommend this for all history students!

Old Testament iWitness tackles some important questions like - Who wrote the books of the Bible and where did they come from? How can we know the Old Testament is historically accurate?

The Tanakh, Canon, Septuagint, Torah, Nevim, Ketuvim, Apocrypha, & Vulgate are all explained and investigated.

Information about the prophets, Dead Sea Scrolls and Intertestimental Periods are introduced as well. Ever wonder why some books were included, and some not?  This books does a great job showing how carefully Scripture has traveled down time to us.  My tester and I,  enjoyed learning about this rich history of the Old Testament.

The books in the series are very nicely done with solid information and lots of visual interest. The combination of photographs, sidebars, and artwork create an invitation to study them.  My tester's only criticism was that the fonts used sometimes made the text hard to read (he's kinda picky that way...) many of the fonts are designed to look "handwritten".  In my opinion - it just added charm to the book.   These are great additions to your Bible study, and to your history studies.  In fact, these are they type of books you don't want to miss!

I personally love how Apologia keeps bringing us great tools to teach our children with - thank you for another homerun.  Our Bible study time has come alive with this new series.  We can't wait two new volumes in the series to be released in 2015. (Resurrection and Jesus iWitness books)

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