Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Welcoming Committee

The GBA (Great Bentz Adventure) is underway!  I told you in my last post about our miraculous - 4 days on the market, home sale, and I promised to tell you the story of our "welcome to Texas"...

A month ago we started this crazy, roller coaster ride...anyone else ever move?  You know what I'm talking about!

Matt and I flew to San Antonio, to "check it out"...   After a day of looking at real estate - our dear friends took us to the Tejas Rodeo.

My heart was still a bit uncertain if moving again, starting all over again, all that work... was really what I wanted to do.  I still hadn't felt that I had the "sign" from God that this was the direction that HE was sending us in.

All those thoughts and emotions swirling around in my head,  I decided to just forget about the decisions and enjoy some good old rodeo!  It was my first rodeo, after all :-)

I casually noticed a familiar looking lady a couple rows in front of us, then I noticed her husband.  HEY,  I know them!!  Isn't it amazing that you can be hundreds of miles from home, and recognize a friend?  But, this was not just another couple we knew...  this was our "welcoming committee"!

Turns out that God had place the one of the only people that I would recognize as a "welcome" right in front of me at the rodeo. This couple had been our "welcoming committee" way back in Minnesota.  They were pastors from our church!

 Yep, only God could strategically place someone from my past that would welcome me to my future. I just love how he speaks!!

So, after she gave me a big Texas-sized hug, and welcomed me to Texas...  I knew I had the sign I was looking for.

Texas, here we come!

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