Friday, September 9, 2011

It's almost that time again!

American Girl Club - Felicity is about to begin!

I am so excited!!  Let me introduce you to our "club" -

We have 6 families:

12 girls (ages 7-12)
9 boys (self titled the "MCA" Masculine Club of Awesomeness...what else would boys ages 9-15 call themselves?)
9 "littles" - everyone under the age of 5
+ 2 new members expected any day!!

We started last year with Kaya.  We are studying each time period with that American Girl.  Let me tell you, this is amazing learning!  We made teepees, drums, baskets, painted horses, cornhusk dolls,  made Indian treats and headbands, plus took a field trip to the Toltec Indian Mounds.

I'm so blessed for "crazy" - or should I say - "Brave" women who have come together to make this idea a reality.  We are having as much fun as the kiddos, and I can't wait for a new adventure to begin.

Check out my previous posts to see pictures of our cool creations!

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Week 5

Field Trip

Up next, Felicity!


  1. Looks fun! A friend started one 3 months ago and we have about 15 girls. We meet once a month and just finished Kaya. We will be starting on Felicity next month. I think we are going to have the girls read 2 books a month, so it will take 3 months for each doll. Crafts and snacks are rotated and the siblings just play together in another room. Most are younger so they aren't old enough for a formal group of their own.

  2. wish we lived closer to you guys! my dd would LOVE this! great idea:)

  3. I love this idea! My daughter would love it, too!