Saturday, September 17, 2011

Before Five and Row

Oh, Oh, OH!  I am so excited to get to tell you about this one!!

This fabulous resource has been in our personal homeschool journey from day one of homeschooling.  Now, eight children later, it is still as loved as ever!

Before Five in a Row is more than just a preschool curriculum, it's truly an invitation to enjoy well-loved stories and experiences with your children.  It draws you into the world of quality children's literature, but even more than that - it teaches both you and your children to love of this precious time spent together.

Each of my children could easily remember their favorites (even the 14 yr old!)  They all shared their stories, and memories of the activities we had shared together. Blueberries for Sal, Caps for Sale Goodnight Moon, The ABC Bunny and more - each of them had a personal "favorite" to retell!

My testers from the Bentz Laboratory for our "official" review were the four-year-old, curly haired beauty and her spicy "me-too" two-year old sister.

We started with a long-time favorite - What will you Wear Jesse Bear (the memories that this books brings back - make me cry. It was our first BFIAR book 10 years ago...this time if flying by so fast!). 

"Little Curly" and "Me-Too" - both LOVED this story.  We even shared it at our coop class for story time.  We created our own Jesse Bear dolls - complete with several changes of outfits.  They have not seperated from their Jesse Bears, even taking them to bed with them!  In fact, their fascination with all things Jesse Bear spread to other books in the saga of Jesse Bear. (don't you just love the power of books!)

Before Five in a Row puts 23 of these units easily into your hands - to use and cherish.  Geared for ages 2-4 (although, we still love many of these stories - many years later!).  You will explore Bible,science, history, geography, art, and more - all within the pages of the story.

The second part of the book - “Parents Treasury of Creative Ideas for Learning Readiness.”  is filled with ideas to inspire learning and hands-on activities to keep you and your preschooler on the path to a successful homeschool adventure!

Before Five in a Row can be purchased online from Five in a Row, or at Rainbow Resources for just $35. 

I'm so grateful for this resource, and the many, many years of pleasant memories it has given us. But, mostly  for starting us on a path of enjoyable learning together!  Don't miss this one!

I was sent a complimentary copy of Before Five in a Row by Jane Claire Lambert as part of the TOS Crew in exchange for my honest opinion, no compenstation was received.
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  1. Sold me! Looks like the perfect thing to do with Abby! Too bad I sold my copy I had years ago!!!

  2. Jesse Bear was our first Before Five in a Row title about a dozen years ago, and I too have very fond memories of that book.

    I may need to see if I can get Trina to sit down and listen. :)