Friday, March 18, 2011

Kite Kapers

Have you ever wanted to tell your kiddos..."Go Fly a kite!".... Well, now you can. (I mean it, you can tell them to "go fly a kite", and it will actually be a good thing...)

Kite Kapers is another great Download N Go Unit study (I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion).

Download N Go unit studies by Amanda Bennett are 5 day long learning adventures for grades K-4 (but, I can't keep my older kids away from us while were doing it!)
Everything you need comes ready to "download and go" in an easy to download pdf file.
When you open it, you will be delighted to find that Amanda has done all the hard work for you - each unit is filled with educational videos, book suggestions, notebooking style pages, Bible copywork and even all the components needed for a lapbook!
You can check out the numerous titles (enough to find something for everyone...)and at $7.95 each, you can't miss!

$5 Fridays and Terrific Tuesdays are also features you will want to stop by and check out... (you can even get this title for $5.00 - today!)

So, onto our Kite flying adventure...

Day One - What is a Kite? We investigated the important vocabulary pertaining to kite - the parts, the styles and what makes them fly. We discussed what Charlie Brown did wrong (kite safety!) and designed our own kite (Josh's actually looked like a dinosaur...imagine that!)

Day Two - The History of Kites. How long have kites been flying? Let's just say this...Maybe Jesus was flying them. But, a famous explorer gets some credit for bringing them westward, italian scientists used them and, Holman Walsh was hands down our favorite! (you are going to have to get this unit to hear his story...!) We even got out our paper and straws and made a mini kites, for those "crafty" mom - you can see how Martha Stewart makes a kite (we stuck with the paper and straws!) We continued our kite designs - guess what Lydia's looked like (a zebra, of course!)

Day Three - People and Places of Kites. Ben Franklin, Alexander Bell, and "those brothers", we got to learn about how each of them used kites. Always on the lookout for a cooking project, you can try the kite cookies recipe on day three. And, the kite designs continued... have you ever seen a "soccer ball" kite? (Guess who did that one?)

Day Four - Science Secrets of Kites. Wind and clouds. We were all amazed by the videos of Octupus kites on the beach! You can make your own windsock or anemometer with the instructions included. The Bentz Kite Design contest continued... how do you get a piano into the air...make it into a kite - of course.

Finally, Day Five - The Goodies and Gadgets of Kites. Kite geography from around the world, you pick your favorite. And, don't miss out on a famous kite festival here in the US. We were amazed to learn about a connection with kites and earthquakes (especially in light of our current world news...) Maybe you'll want to make some "flying kite" bars to celebrate National Kite Month. And, the grand prize winner of the Bentz Kite Design contest... well, mine of course!

With beautiful weather coming, it's time to tell your kiddos "Go fly a kite.." and I suggest you join them!

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