Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hoppin Popcorn

Hoppin Popcorn is a funtastic Download N Go unit study by Amanda Bennett.

I am left speechless...who knew? I love "sneaking" school by the testers at the Bentz Learning Laboratory (by the way, we received this unit in exchange for our honest opinion, no compensation was given)
But, who imagined that we could cover so much school discussing - Popcorn?!

A Download N Go unit study is just that, all you have to do if pick a fascinating topic (many, many to choose from...) Download it and you are ready to GO! Each unit is designed for grades K-4 (but, I can't keep my older kids away from them...). They are designed to be completed in 5 days. These are the perfect "cabin fever" solution to you school (anyone feeling it lately?) You can take a "break" from your normal routine, and head on a fun adventure (but, your kiddos will still be learning - trust me!) Everything you need is already there - Science, Math, Geography, Book Suggestions, tons and tons of videos. And, if that wasn't enough - you get great notebooking pages and all the components for a lapbook (just to prove you were doing "school"!). You get all this for only $7.95.

So "zea mays everta" - (the scientific name for popcorn). One of our favorite snacks, but - let me say it again, "WHO KNEW?"

We started our exploration with Day 1: Popcorn - What is it?Amanda Bennett took us on an aMAZE-ing journey. We discovered what popcorn is, and visited a state in the "popcorn belt" of the United States. Everyone was excited to play with their corn husk dolls (hey, we did that at American Girl club!) and we started our own popcorn plants (hope that microwave stuff works okay...)

Next - Day 2: The Story of Popcorn. I thought I knew - but, "WHO KNEW?!" What is the real country of origin? Just a hint, the Pilgrims weren't the ones. We visited another popcorn producing state, and tried some parched corn.

Day 3: The Flavors of Popcorn. We learned all kinds of interesting facts, and more popcorn recipes! Some of our best "school" is in our kitchen.. Our geography studies continued with exploring another state. (I even snuck in some math.)

Day 4: The Science of Popcorn. This was my personal favorite... The video of how popcorn is made kept us glued to the computer - 450 degrees?! WOW! Thank you, inventor of the microwave (you'll have to get this unit to find out who he was...) We are grateful for the speedy popping of our favorite snack. A quick visit to another state and Orville Redenbacher (who else?!) and we were on our way to...

Day 5: Fun with Popcorn. We made our last state stop, and found several fun ways to enjoy our popcorn. And, now - onto movie night! Popcorn anyone?

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