Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expedition Israel

Expedition Israel - A Download N Go Unit Study by Amanda Bennett
Are you ready to visit the Holy Land?! If you are like me, you have always wanted to walk where Jesus walked...but, maybe like me your checkbook isn't quite large enough to cover all those "dreams". Well, do the next best thing...take your children on a learning adventure to the Holy Land with "Expedition Israel".

So, what exactly is a Download N Go unit study? It's a 5 day learning adventure designed for K-4 (but, I can't keep my older kiddos away from them!). Best of all, everything you need is already conveniently arranged for you in a easy to "download n go" digital book. You will be treated to a "all-planning-included" educational vacation! Each unit (with many, many titles to choose from) comes loaded with education weblinks (including videos!), Book suggestions, copywork, notebooking style pages, and hands-on activities. If this isn't enough, you get all the components for a lapbook as well! At $7.95 each, you will be amazed at all the learning, right at your reservations required!

Expedition Israel is another great title in Amanda Bennett's "Expedition" series. You can choose to explore the world!

Day 1: Where is Israel
Find out where you're going...a great start! Find Israel on the map. But, that's not it - you will learn some Hebrew letters each day, explore an geographic feature, discover an animal native to Israel, and be introduced to a food as well. (the "daily" activities are some of what makes these units so appealing...I guarantee by Day 2-3 it's the first thing your students will ask for!) Our favorite "daily" is the "Heros of Israel".

Day 2: Some of the Special Places in Israel
Visit some interesting spots, and of course - all your "dailys"! And, even add in some experiments with Kosher and table salt for some science discovery.

Day 3: A Bit of History
Listen to the Lyre and the Shofar. Plus take a trip to the Mount of Olives. Don't miss all the fun daily activities and even learn your colors in Hebrew!

Day 4: Cool Things to Know about Israel
What's it like to ride a camel? Find out! Have fun exploring with archeology. Even compare the weather and time to Nazareth.

Day 5: Fun and Games in Israel
Dreidels, of course! Explore the Negev Desert (and I do recommend "virtual exploration of all's much more enjoyable than actually going!)and a fascinating animal that lives there.

This is a wonderful companion to Easter Promise - a Unit Study Adventure also by Amanda Bennett. (Use the code: EASTER2011 for "20% off your entire purchase through midnight March 31st).

Take some time to add this unit to your Easter preparations, you won't be sorry to get such an up-close look at where Jesus lived and walked!

(I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion)

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  1. Great review. We enjoyed Expedition Israel, too.