Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Wonders

Time for Winter!

Winter Wonders from Download N Go that is...

A wonderful, winter wonderland of learning. This Download N Go unit study by Amanda Bennett is one that made this Minnesota born girl (but who now finds herself in a snowless, sunny, and 56 degree Arkansas address) long for some SNOW...

Download N Go Unit studies are 5 day long learning adventures. Everything you need is already there, just pick your topic and download and GO! Each unit comes with video links, worksheets, and all the components you need for a lapbook. And, if you still want more, you will find book suggestions, family fun ideas and lots more activies to add to your study.

In Winter Wonders, we were able to learn the science of snow, make snowflakes (edible and nonedible...), we were introduced to "Snowflake Bentley" and his amazing photos as well as Art Appreciation with Robert Duncan's winter work.

I loved watching my younger children (they don't remember MN snow... sniffle, sniffle) and my older children (who do remember, but are missing it this year) all sit with rapt attention to a website devoted to "watching it snow". I guess that's as close as we'll get here in AR.

We enjoyed a trip to the North Pole. As well as, a peek at hibernating bears. Actually, we got to learn about a number of polar animals. We also enjoyed watching some birds in our own backyard, and making pinecone bird feeders (I knew there was a reason I was keeping those pinecones!)

Each day we had a challenge to do a nature walk and record our observances of winter... we had a little trouble finding that particular season here. But, on the positive side, we weren't cold (or wearing coats).

This unit was packed with information, and fun videos. We especially enjoyed a view from a dogsled while learning about the Iditarod and Balto (one of our all time favorite heros!)

Best of all, I didn't need to spend a minute of prep time. We were all engrossed in learning as soon as the kiddos heard the "voices" coming from the screen. All I did was add hot chocolate (did I tell you we learned the origin of hot chocolate?... you may be surprised to hear the climate it comes from...) and s'mores (yep, they're in this unit too).

For a cool $7.95 each, Download N Go units are affordable, and with numerous titles to choose from... you can become a Unit study pro in no time!

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  1. it was a fun study wasn't it?

    How did you get your children to actually understand what snow was without them holding it in their hands? (the younger ones)

    Mine...who lives with snow this time of year, didn't get the crystal aspect until we went outside and brought some in the house to look at really closely. He's five.