Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Speekee Spanish

Safe, secure, fun and immediate

"Speekee TV is designed so that children can learn Spanish in their own time and at their own pace".

10 episodes, over 150 minutes of pure Spanish learning
Learn Spanish from real Spanish children in real Spanish locations
Features songs, animation and puppets
Optional subtitles in Spanish and English
Free activity sheet downloads
Great fun and extremely effective
Created by specialist language teachers

A subscription to Speekee TV is £4.95 (or $7.50) per month and the first two weeks are free.
Subscribe securely using PayPal, and unsubscribe at any time - there's no minimum period.

My children LOVED this program!!! Especially the 7 and under crowd.
Speekee is a cute, purple sock puppet that teaches your kiddos Spanish. He visits different locations (like the park, zoo, home, etc.) and introduces them to useful vocabulary in a bright, engaging way.

The Bentz testers could really not get enough of him! They loved the music, the videos are well done. Lot's of repetition, to ensure they are getting it! And, after several viewings - they were repeating spanish (with a good accent, I might add...) It was colorful, and easy for them to follow along with.

I tend to be very picky with Spanish language programs... Believe me, I have tried them all! And, most of them have not delivered - either on the fun factor, or the learning factor. But, Speekee did both!

We were given an online subscription, in exchange for our honest opinion.

DVD's are available. (but they are produced in Europe - so make sure that you could play them before buying!)

You can try this program for 2 weeks free

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  1. Dropping by from the CREW. My girls liked the program too. I have not tried other Spanish programs, but we enjoyed this one.

  2. Thank you so much for your positive review of Speekee. I am very pleased your children like it so much! Jim, from Speekee