Sunday, January 2, 2011

Math Facts NOW!

Time to get back into the "school swing"! Happy New Year!!

For the first review of 2011... Math Facts NOW!

I was given a copy of this program in exchange for my honest review of it. (Maybe I'll try a paying job this year...)

You can get your own free trial here

Math Facts NOW! is a simple, yet effective program to review basic math facts. It doesn't have any "gimmicks" to entertain... just the facts. As a parent, you can replace the boring flashcard method of review with this program.

I was able to easily set up lessons for each of my children, unique to their level. And, they were all able to work on that ever important drill and review, without taking up all of Mom's valuable time! The program allows you to specify a "reward" when their mastery is complete. I loved this, I could even sneak in little "mom touches" with rewards that my children appreciate most...i.e. extra computer time, snacks, etc.

You begin by selecting the facts you want them to review, specify how long they get to answer each question (this one was fun... I tricked the "math brain" kiddo into testing it, he thought - "too easy"... but, I gave him only 3 seconds to type the answer! Ha! score one point for mom!) Then, you pick the number of times to re-type corrected anwers, and the total amount of questions.

All in all, this program is simple and easy to use. I like that it doesn't get too complex, just a focus on increasing your child's speed and accuracy for those ever-important math facts.

For a cost of $15.95 - you can have customizable math review for all the students in your family!

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