Monday, July 2, 2018

Family Time

The best part of graduating another one is getting to spend time with our friends and family!  We got to spend the entire week leading up to Graduation with our dearest friends - The Lewis clan, and my brother & family.  It was the BEST!

 Some friends are more like family... and some cousins are more like sisters!

 Another Bentz Tradition, the graduate gets their own stone in our "walk of fame!"  

Plenty of pool time....and games

Uncle Dave to the Rescue!

Sister Cousins 

The MCA - together again.   I still see those little boys in these men...

The QUILT - I should have gotten a better picture... my gift of love, I know he'll be wrapped up in it at college.

My heart sister!  Couldn't have pulled this off without her!

Lots of backyard competition

Until next year....

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