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Bible Study Guide For All Ages: A TOS Crew Review

Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Bible Study Guide for All Ages
Bible Study Guide for All AgesBible Study Guide for All Ages

Bible Study Guide For All Ages
Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Summer is the perfect time to spend time in the Bible!  Bible Study Guide For All Ages has made it easy for the whole family to get to study together with their levels for every age.

We used the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) and Advanced (5th & 6th grade) this summer.

Primary (1st & 2nd grade) and Beginner (3-K) are also available.

This in-depth Bible curriculum will take your students on a study of the entire Bible over 4 years, and contains a total of 416 lessons! 

 Each year, students study both Old and New Testaments. You can see the Order of Study here.  The intention is that you will get to study Jesus' life every year, not having to work through the entire Old Testament first.  I really like the integrated approach!  You can use your own version of the Bible, we like the NIV.
We started with 2 levels - Intermediate and Advanced.  One of the things I really like about this curriculum is the ability to have multiple levels all studying the same topics together!

 Let me explain how it works.  The Student pages are large, 8.4 x 14" (legal size) pages, each student gets their own set.  Units are broken down into 26 lessons, which you can cover at your own pace.  Students can work together, or independently.  Each lesson features different sections covering the Scripture being studied.  
  • Remember it? - specific questions that  can be answered by reading the scripture in their own Bible.  I love that this program gets them into their own personal Bibles!
  • Memory Workout - encourages them to use their memory to recall facts they have already learned.  Many of the facts come from the Bible Book Summary Cards. 
  • Guess What? - interesting facts and definitions.
  • Timeline - a section that works on completing a big picture view 
  • Get Active - fun, interactive ways to take the learning off the page. This appeals to ALL your different learning styles.   I think this section would be great for adding to your Sunday School classroom too!
  • Discover the Bible - illustrations that help them remember what they read in their own Bibles. 
  • Maps - Simple map activities to see where the events took place.  Wall maps and Timelines for your classroom are also available.
  • Apply It - discussion questions to really get them thinking about how they can use what they are learning.
The Teacher Key is a helpful resource.  It contains answers and other helpful information you can use while teaching.  This is a must have if you are teaching multiple students.

Our favorite part is the Bible Book Summary Cards.  We have the Large set - each full color card is 8 x 10".  There is a separate sturdy card for each book of the Bible.

The front of the card has illustrations that show the main themes of that book.

The back contains a description of the book, and questions you can use to discuss together.  

There are so many ways you can use these cards!  We like to take them, jumble them up and see who can get all of the books of the Bible into the correct order first.  Another way we use them is as a review.  I hold up a card, and they tell me about that particular book - all the details they can remember.

This is an affordable, easy-to-use Bible curriculum that really gets your children digging into the Bible for themselves.

We highly recommend it!

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