Monday, June 18, 2018

Unit Celebration - 2018

We love to end our Co-op year with our "Unit Celebration".  This is our chance to show off all we have been learning, bless our Seniors and wrap up another wonderful year learning together.

This year, we studied Medieval History, so our younger students presented characters they had researched  along  with a poster, speech and costume.

Introducing - Boudiccia, William Wallace, Joan of Arc, and Eleanor of Aquatiane!

Our older students presented their "Psychology Experiments".  I loved teaching this class (finally, a use for my degree...)  Their assignment was to design, carry out and report their group's pyschology experiment.  They were amazing!  Conformity study, color on memory, music and personality and a learning experiment testing the effects of watching TV or reading.  I was very impressed!

We also had poetry recitations.  A great way to work on public speaking skills... And, our very own Court Magician performed!


Medieval food.  Yes... being homeschoolers - we insisted on an actual boar's head!

And, of course - a time to honor and pray for our Seniors (we had 4).   Each Senior got a Bible, and everyone highlighted favorite verses for them.

It's such a special way to celebrate learning together with our dear friends.

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