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New American Cursive 3 (Famous Quotes) From Memoria Press: A TOS Crew Review

Memoria Press

New American Cursive 3 (Famous Quotes & Lessons on Manners)

New American Cursive 3 (Famous Quotes) from Memoria Press

Is cursive important?  YES!  We have been using New American Cursive 3 (Famous Quotes) from Memoria Press from Iris Hatfield's  New American Cursive series to work on our cursive writing skills.

Did you know that cursive is not just for pretty, neat writing?  It is actually developing the prefrontal cortex while developing eye-hand-brain coordination that involves both hemispheres of your brain!  There is plenty of research supporting the benefits of learning cursive for our students.  At Bentz Academy, cursive is still a foundational skill we master.

Some additional benefits cursive provides are:

  • completing assignments more quickly
  • remembering things better
  • getting better grades
  • improving attention span and writing speed
  • encouraging creativity 
  • improves spelling skills
  • self-discipline and self-confidence
  • and a high quality signature!

New American Cursive 3 (Famous Quotes) contains 100 lessons.  Each lesson is short, only about 10-15 minutes long.  The book is spiral bound on the top, so it doesn't interfere with writing- we LOVE this feature, as 3 of 8 of my testers are Lefties!

 The program focuses on the "Three P's of Penmanship" - Posture, Pencil and Paper position and the "Three S's of Penmanship" - Consistent size, slant and spacing.  Reminders are included throughout the lessons, and they even have a removable guide to use to create the proper slant.  Handy Youtube videos are referenced so you can show your student too.

The first sections reviews alphabet and numbers taught in previous workbooks (1 and 2).  Students trace, write, compare and improve each of the letters.  They recommend students write all their work in cursive to see the best results.

The following sections use short sections of practice with famous quotes to focus on improving their cursive skills.  The goal is neat and small with even spacing, and students are encouraged to evaluate their own work.  They start with a 24 font and work down to the goal of a standard 18 font.


The quotes have been chosen to focus on character development - especially in regards to manners. An alphabetical list of famous quotes is an A-Z copywork practice of famous quotes - perfect to memorize! 

The book offers a variety of exercises including copywork, journaling, dictation and evaluations.  Space is provided for your student to practice their creativity as well.

In addition, they include lessons that teach the numbers in English, Spanish and Latin, practicing your address, days of the week/months of the year, Roman numerals, reading other handwriting styles, and even Signatures and autographs!

This easy-to-use program is a great way to improve your child's cursive skills!

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