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Kayla Jarmon: A TOS Crew Reveiw

Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog by Kayla Jarmon
Kayla Jarmon

I love the opportunity to have deep discussions with my children.  Author Kayla Jarmon, a fellow homeschool mom, has created several books to help you introduce these life lessons.

We have gotten the opportunity to review Three PDF flip books, and radio-drams audio files are in production to accompany the books.

Let me introduce you:

A Boy and His Dog - 43 pages

This is a picture book of the day in the life of a boy and his dog.  We have a dog, so we connected with the antics of children and their pets!  It's an easy-reading picture book, illustrated with bright illustrations.  No deep discussion of meaning for us - but, a sweet reminder of the value of a good pet to share life with.

Our PDF version was accessed online with a password.  My testers like reading on the laptop, and it will work on your tablets too.

Dying Is Part of This World - 45 pages   (Second in the Discussion Book Series)

This book has seven short chapters and discussion questions.  The topic is a conversation between mother and daughter on the subject of dying.  I love how Kayla Jarmon puts this sensitive (and fearful) topic into words and illustrations that our children can easily understand.  She compares life in the womb to life on earth, outlines physical and spiritual death, and even presents the Gospel! 

Throughout this book, scripture references are included that you and your child can explore deeper together.  With my husband's cancer diagnosis this year, this was an excellent way to introduce their fears and have an important discussion with my younger children.

Don’t Forget Me  - 69 pages  (First in the Discussion Book Series)

This book gives a glimpse into a mother's womb and the conversation between baby and God.  It's written from the perspective of the baby.  It is illustrated with soft colors.  This is a great book for any family that is expecting.  The baby listens to God's voice and knows he is always there, a good reminder to all of us!  A page of scripture references is included you can use with your children for more study.

These are great books for sparking discussions with your younger children. The topics are important, but rarely included in books targeted to a younger audience.  I love that she uses scripture and a Christian worldview to answer their questions.

 You need to check them out!

Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog {Kayla Jarmon Reviews}

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Discussion Book Series and A Boy and His Dog {Kayla Jarmon Reviews}
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