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Drive Thru History Adventures: A TOS Crew Review

Drive Thru History Adventures
Drive Thru History Adventures
Drive Thru History Adventures

Buckle up -History just got more exciting than ever with Drive Thru History AdventuresWe have been long-time fans of Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History, we call him our "favorite teacher."  Last year, we got to review the lastest Drive Thru History - The Gospels - check out our review.  I'm super excited to share - Drive Thru History Adventures has gotten even better...

Now, you can truly take Drive Thru History Adventures on the go with you - everywhere! The online subscription gives you immediate access to all three adventure courses:
  • Bible History (18 weeks on the Gospels) 
  • American History (12 weeks on early American history) 
  • Ancient History (12 weeks on early Greece, Rome and Asia Minor)
But, it's more than just access to the videos - they have included curriculum you can use to take the learning even deeper.  Can I just say... LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  Printable worksheets, discussion questions, additional readings and more.  It's the perfect complement to your high school history studies.  It's all organized according to the Adventure you are studying.  This site is so easy to use!

This year, our history started with Roman times.  We decided to cruise through the Ancient History course first.  Dave takes us to the locations of history.  We get to actually visit the Colosseum, Ephesus and other key locations in Greece, Turkey and Rome.  Woven throughout each episode is Biblical truth and we get to witness God's hand in history.  We have loved getting to explore, and laugh, with Dave in his cool "rides."

My testers have literally grown up watching Drive Thru History videos, and being able to have full access to all our favorite episodes online is the best.  

The extras in the curriculum section are a true treasure!  My older students really enjoyed getting the chance to show what they had learned, and take other interesting "side roads".  Side Roads are addition topics that Dave presents that introduce another interesting fact, not included in the videos.  For example, this article about the "Roman Road System at the Time of Jesus" was the perfect addition to our study, and provided a great discussion tool for how God uses historical times and places to spread his Gospel.

I mentioned the site is very easy to use, and is jam-packed with information!

Drive Thru History AdventuresDrive Thru History Adventures

We explored the Bible History Course too.  This course takes you to the locations straight out of the Bible. We visited Nazareth, Jerusalem and the locations Jesus walked.  Truly a faith-building adventure.

During this review, we didn't spend much time in the American History Course - but, I can tell you from past experience - you do NOT want to miss it!
    Drive Thru History Adventures
In addition to all the video adventures, amazing curriculum, extras, and your subscription comes with community - a Facebook group for all those adventuring together, and a blog where Dave shares interesting articles, our favorites have been the historical context for some of our modern day celebrations like Valentine's Day.

PLUS- Drive Thru Adventures is available on the Drive Thru Adventure TV App! Yep, as part of your subscription - you get access to everything right on your mobile device. Perfect for your actual road trips, you and your students can take history adventures together.

    Drive Thru History Adventures

Thank you Dave Stotts for taking us on adventures, and making history come alive!

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