Saturday, February 20, 2016

Have a Fiesta of Fun!

I absolutely LOVE La Clase Divertida - the Fun Class Spanish!

We have been using this program over and over, since the beginning.  This is not a sponsored product review - I actually purchased this one way back in the early years of homeschooling... and we're still big fans! I just can't not tell you about it!

One of the best parts of this video based program, is the crafts and cooking.  Since, this wasn't our first rodeo with Level one,  we decided to save the crafts for a "Fiesta of Fun" and have a craft day...instead of messes all semester long (here's where you can see I've been homeschooling awhile...messes can make me crazy!)

My sweet little hijas had a blast creating - and I only had to clean up once :-)  Senior Gamache, the teacher - makes it all very easy for you.  Everything you need to complete the crafts comes in each student kit.

There are 3 levels available.  My children have learned a ton of spanish, and had fun too!

 When you get yours...tell Senior Gamache I sent you!  (I'm his top selling, volunteer salesperson at homeschool conventions :-)

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