Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine's Boxes - 2014

Another year of Valentine's boxes...  Do you realize that we have now constructed 32 boxes in our 4 years at our Coop?   Yikes!

Want to see some of our past creations  (I didn't take pictures of our first year, not realizing what a BIG deal these were going to become!

Without further ado... here are the latest and greatest Bentz creations.  Since I was horribly sick this week, they were independently and co-dependently created entirely by children! (Including our latest adopted college student...)  I love how their creations completely reflect their personalities, welcome to our family!

This would be the "Samuel M. Bentz - NFL Trophy", and one of the ancient wonders of the world - the "Pharos Lighthouse"

"Noah's Ark" - where candy rides free....  and of course, the "Pretty Pink Castle" with lace curtains, stainglass windows and a velvet throne with gold carpet runners...

Some girls do pink, and some do "A School of Man-Eating Piranahas!"   "Joshua's Jericho", complete with marching army, Israelites.

Complete sweetness demands a "Candy Covered Cottage" - will furniture, curtains and all kinds of sweet surprises.  Despite the look of utter enthusiasm - the "Cool Valentine Panda" was one of our favorites this year.

Whew...  glad we only have to do that once a year!

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