Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Results....

With any new behavior modification and attitude change around here, the real test comes with consistency.  That is, MY consistency in follow through!

At the beginning of January, we began the "Bentz Experiment".  First area to conquer was the bedrooms... you can read the beginning of our experiment here.

I'm happy to report our January results:
  • Bedrooms have been MUCH improved, not perfect by a long shot, but seriously heading in the right direction.
  • I believe several children have begun to HABITUALLY make their beds - exceeding my wildest expectations.
  • Friends have dropped by with no prior notice, and we have not been embarrassed to allow them in previously-off-limits-without-a-hardhat-areas...a.k.a. - the children's bedrooms!
All this for the cost of a dime a day.  With 8 kiddos, I was still out $24  (actually, I made about $2.40 back in "fines").  Best money spent this month!

Our February "Experiment" is to continue our bedroom requirement, and add in daily instrument practice (if you play one) and the clean plate club (eating all your food - if you are too little to play an instrument)  Funny, I never have to enforce the clean plate club with my teenage boys...

Want to hear how we do piano lessons around here... check out my review of MacPhail Music.  We love online, face-to-face lessons. I love having our house filled with music!

Even though it's a fairly small reward for them - it seems to be paying off... Maybe it's because they never have had an allowance :-)

Stayed tuned for more of the Bentz Experiment!

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