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From their website:

The flexible, curriculum-linked, learning system that motivates kids to learn through fun

  • It’s FREE for you to use with your kids at home. Just create a FREE Keeper Account and they’re away!
  • For even more motivation and learning power upgrade to the very affordable PREMIUM Zoologist Subscription - COST - $14.95 for 1 year.
  • The educational content is drawn from a bank of over 17,000 carefully-crafted, finely-incremented learning activities
  • Comprehensive coverage of maths, punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, word skills, phonics, phonemics and reading
  • Designed for kids aged 5 to 15

I love to have a variety of educational tools to use to motivate my students.  ZooWhiz is one of our new "tools" at the Bentz Test Laboratory. 

My testers are both animal lovers - so this program caught their eye right away.  They both had their own Premium Zoologist subscriptions. 

There are several activities to choose from:

Learn & Earn -

Here's where they choose an educational activity - Math, reading, spelling, and more to complete and earn the coins to spend at the Arcade or in the Biodome to purchase animals (the favorite activity of my testers!).  They earn 100 coins each time they sign in.  The activities are leveled and determined by the age level you determine.  One note - several times my testers had a difficult time understanding the Austrailan accent in the phonic/reading activities.  But, usually we enjoyed the accent - and the positive reinforcement with correct answers - "Cracker Jack!"

Arcade -

Full of games to play.  My testers liked playing the games, but they prefer to use their coins elsewhere.  Maybe they are learning some money-management skills as well...  Several of the games were a bit tricky for my younger tester to do on her own - but, plenty of siblings were there to jump in and help!

Biodome -
My testers favorite place!  They can purchase animals with their hard-earned coins for their own personal zoo. There are hundreds of animals to choose from.  They can also click on the animal to learn more about it.


This is a feature for mom.  You can track what skills are being mastered and your child's progress.  I didn't spend alot of time with this, since playing Zoowhiz was a reward activity for my kiddos.  I didn't want to give them the impression that this was "school" and kill their enjoyment :-).  But, it's a great tool for moms who want to use this feature.

Overall, this is a fun way to reinforce and practice the learning concepts, and enjoy some computer time.  Plus, the price is affordable!

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I was sent complimentary premium subscriptions in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew.


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