Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WealthQuest for Teens

From their website:

"Innovative, engaging, practical tools for teaching your teen effective money management. The interactive video and the eBook will teach your teen to think about and organize money so it works for them now and for the rest of their life!"  Designed for teens age 14-19.

Cost - $39.95

With 2 teenagers in the house now...the Bentz Test Laboratory has begun to venture into the wonderful world of teaching teens!   Money management skills are one of those very important new subjects on our horizon. 

WealthQuest for Teens is a comprehensive tool to teach these skills.  The short, easy to understand, and engaging videos are a huge hit!  My teenage boys both found them enjoyable, and they are really absorbing the concepts and shaping their attitudes about money.

WealthQuest for Teens is organized into 4 main components -  An online seminar - with 7 video segements including  printable workbook,  a 60 page Parent Guide, a 30 Day - Quick Start Guide for your teen, and a Free online money tracking tool called MoneyTrail.net.

The entire seminar can be completed in about 2 hours, but the discussion points you will have with your teens about money will last for a long time!  I wish I had been fortunate enough to have had this type of education regarding money management, it would have saved so many painful (and costly) mistakes.

Both my teens have expressed their desire to avoid debt, and I'm so glad.  WealthQuest for Teens will give them the tools they will need to achieve their goals.  The definition that WealthQuest uses for wealth or rich is “the amount of money you need to have the life you want and to make a difference in ways that matter to you.”  It's not a "get-rich" program, it's grounded in Biblical principles and practical tools.

WealthQuest implements  the "silo" system  to teach the "how-to" in tangible, visible ways.  Your teen is instructed to actually deposit his money into seperate containers (jars, envelopes, etc) called silos.  If you don't have it in the silo, you can't spend it...simple!

  • Necessities - 50%
  • Saving For Big Ticket Items - 10%
  • Future Financial Freedom (Investments) - 10%
  • Learning (Education) - 10%
  • Fun Money - 10%
  • Heal the World (Tithe) - 10%
I was impressed with this program, and so were my boys. The Parent Guide was filled with wonderful suggestions - I'm following their advice - I'm reading WealthQuest to learn new money management skills as part of life long learning!   The Teen book has 30 questions to keep your teen thinking and planning for their future goals. And, MoneyTrail.net let's your teen try out his new skills online.

Best of all, the price of this program is affordable, in fact - you can't afford not to teach them these valuable skills early on!

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