Friday, September 21, 2012

Beach Memories

We just returned from our BEST ever family vacation!  We took the entire crew to Navarre Beach, FL for a week. Most of children's first time to see (and taste) the ocean.

Here's our amazing home-away-from-home - right on the beach.  I mean...RIGHT on the beach - just a few steps from the water!  Absolutely, perfectly, wonderful!


We were on the Santa Rosa Sound, on a barrier island facing the mainland.  There could be no more perfect place for a whole bunch of "littles"!  The water was shallow and without a heavy surf.  Perfect for endless exlporing and swimming, while mom and dad sat in the chairs on the porch!

When we wanted waves - the other side of the ocean (with great surf) was just a walk across the street!

To make it even better, our good friends joined us!  They stayed in their own beach condo, a block or so away.  I highly recommend vacationing with great friends...the kiddos have playmates and you get a trusted babysitter for alternating "date nights". Plus - a built in photographer for the mandatory "beach pictures!"


I can't bring myself to vacuum out the van...all the sand makes me smile!

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  1. So glad you had such a good time! Did you go sailing too?