Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012-13 Here We Come!

Bentz Academy Class Picture

We did it...despite my doubts, the 2012-13 school year launched successfully!  Really, after taking pictures, filling out our "before" forms, measuring, weighing and all the "First Day" routines - we only did math.  But hey - we started!

I'm so very grateful for another year home with my children.  What an amazing privilege to be able to look around our very crowded schoolroom and KNOW this is what God planned for me, and for them!

I still remember looking at our blue schooltable and seeing 6 little chairs - thinking to myself - "Someday, these seats will all have a child in them that I have to teach to read"!  Little did I know - those 6 seats would be full, and they would be a couple more kiddos under the table! (wait until you see our TOS Show & Tell'll understand!)

Fast forward 11 years - now I realize that God's plan was way better than mine!  I am blessed to have gotten to really KNOW each of my beautiful children.  I have gotten to teach them to read.  I've struggled to learn math with them.  We've walked through history together (first time for me - I swear I never learned this stuff when I was in school!).  We've blown things up in science together (and it wasn't dinner... well, not always!) We've read dozens and dozens and dozens of great books together. We've discovered, explored and created - all hand-in-hand.  From the first day of Kindergarten to the first day of High School. How did it go by so very fast? I'm so thankful to have spent the quantity of time together with them.

All throughout this learning journey, God's been weaving our hearts together into the most amazing tapestry.  The days have multiplied into years - and the intricate design is being revealed.  My children are growing into men and women that love God!  Plus, I have grown right along side of them! (I'm pretty sure God chose the homeschooling path for us because of what He wanted to do in my life!)  They know Him personally, and I KNOW this because I've had a front row seat to see it happen. 

I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us! 


  1. What great back to school picks! Have a wonderful year.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Love this post. Makes me smile. ;)