Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Math 911

From the website:

Math911 is for students who believe that Algebra must be a struggle, difficult and complicated. Math911 is the easiest and most economical solution for Algebra students. The Math911 approach is what learning Algebra should be: quick, fun, and easy. Math911 will let you absorb Algebra effortlessly.

Topics are arranged by chapter, section and levels. Within each level are all the types of problems that identify the concepts that your students must know in order to be successful in Algebra including Graphs and Word Problems.
  • All problems are algorithmically generated. 
  • 10 minute learning curve.
  • Step by Step solutions.
  • Only Free-form answers.
  • Dynamic Grade reports on all screens.
  • Needs no internet connection.
  • Can be networked.
  • Free Home Use For Teachers.
  •  Free Upgrades .
  • Free Install on New PCs
COST - $49.95 for the complete Math 911 Program - includes access to: intermediate algebra, statistics, trigonometry, college algebra, and pre-calculus! Free trial of Introductory Algebra is available as a Back-to-School Special!

“Algebra In A Flash” flash drive version; works great on school laptops and allows students to continue at home. Great for 1:1 classrooms.   40% off student special. Regular $49.95 now only $9.95  At Google checkout use promotion code:homeschool
At Bentz Test Laboratory, we have some "math brains" and some "not so math brains".  So, Math 911 had instant appeal (I wish I had some Math 911 when I was first learning Algebra!!)
My tester was our main math mastermind.  I figured he was the most qualified to accurately review a program teaching algebra and upper level mathematics!

Here are his thoughts:
  • Easy to do with short lessons
  • He likes that you always have to get the solution correct to get the credit and advance (he's a "rule follower"...I however would like to get credit for wrong algebra would have made it easier for me to get through algebra in high school!)
  • Doesn't really teach any of the concepts, it more of a review/practice application.
  • Seems a bit "old school" with the graphics and design - teenagers today have more sophisticated tastes in digital products! (see some screen shots to see for yourself...)

My Thoughts:
  • An affordable algebra & upper level math supplement!
  • The Free - Laugh with Math Cartoon Math Book (I was chuckling but, my tester...didn't get it.  I told you, he's so math brained he can't laugh at it!)  Check it out - you'll love it!
  • Great customer service!
  • Another tool in my math toolbox, you'll want one too!
 See what other members of the TOS Review Crew thought here.
    Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary download in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Review Crew. 


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