Thursday, April 7, 2011

Science Weekly

Science Weekly

(we were sent a complimentary copy as part of the TOS Review Crew in exchange for our honest opinion).Here's how they describe themselves:

"By 2025‚ 80% of the jobs in this country will require your child to have at least two years of mathematics and science beyond high school. In order to achieve this standard‚ a child must be exposed to science and mathematics in early elementary school.

Parents can no longer depend upon the schools to make this happen. Parents must intervene as early as possible in their child’s science and math education. Science Weekly is an excellent supplementary instructional tool for parents to help their child enhance his/her higher-ordered skills in science‚ math‚ reading and writing.*

Each issue of Science Weekly is written at six reading levels‚ covering grades K–6. This allows parents with two or more children to order the same topic for each child. It can’t get better. Now‚ there is no reason for a child to fall behind in science.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. You can make it happen for as little as $19.95 per child‚ per year."

Well said -don't you think?!

Here are some of the topics for the year
Pulleys, Cats, The Flu, Glass, Fractions, Composting, The Science of Movies, The Science of Money, Scuba Diving, Poisonous Animals, Caves, Teeth, Deserts, Green Buildings, The Moon

You can see your own sample issue here

Be sure to check out the Interactive Online Formats here

We got Levels Pre-A through Level E on "The Flu". (Actually, great timing since we were just discussing this topic in our Human Anatomy and Physiology class for Co-op!)

Each level was a 4 page, colorful newsletter. Inside each were vocabulary, a weekly lab, Math, Storytelling or Writing activity and Challenges all customized to the appropriate grade level.

I liked how you could use this with different age children and all stay on the same topic. (Great for big families). They also send a page of Teacher Notes, so you have more in depth information as well.

The price of $19.95 per student for 15 issues is affordable (not so much for larger families...but, anything when you start "multiplying" "adds" up quickly! - get it, a math pun!)

All in all, I am a "science geek" and love anything that brings more science into our school. I didn't see anything supporting a Christian Worldview, but I didn't see anything in our issue that disagreed with it either...

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