Sunday, April 3, 2011

American Girl - Kaya Week 6

American Girl - Kaya Week 6

The Girls traveled to the kitchen for this week's club! (so glad I wasn't in charge of the cooking lesson ...)

They made a Berry Compote, homemade corn muffins (really, they don't all come from a box?) and Indian Fry Bread. I bet Kaya didn't have a food processor...

They were eager to add ingredients, stir, roll. But, not so eager to wait to eat!

When members of the MCA (masculine club of awesomeness) smelled the food - they kept stopping by the kitchen to get a "drink" - all the girls started calling them "blackfoots" and chasing them away! I think the "indian" lessons are sticking.

The food was delicious. Not all the girls liked the fruit, which surprised us - but, it left more for the moms!

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