Saturday, April 16, 2011

Growing Healthy Homes - Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Growing Healthy Homes - Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

I am so very excited to tell you about this! (and for those of you who "really" know me, and my not-so-healthy eating'll be pleasantly surprised.)
For years, I have tried to avoid becoming "healthy" know - eating organic, whole foods, exercise, blah, blah. But, after taking a look at Nutrition 101: Choose Life! - I've become a believer!

I was sent a ebook version of Nutrition 101: Choose Life! in exchange for my honest opinion of it as part of the TOS Review Crew.

"Nutrition 101: Choose Life! is a three-in-one family nutrition and health program for all ages that presents the major body systems, how they function, their common health issues, the benefits of good food and the consequences of bad food. Its 448 pages include into six units:

1.The Brain and Nervous System
2.Digestion and Elimination
3.Respiration and Olfactory
4.Muscular and Skeletal Systems
5.Cardiovascular and Immune Systems
6.Endocrine System and Emotions.

Biblically based and packed with hands-on activities, science and art projects and nearly 80 family-friendly recipes, this program teaches and reinforces the why’s of what we should eat, not just “because I said so.” Containing a complete reference guide filled with nutrition facts, charts, practical tips and an exhaustive index, Nutrition 101: Choose Life! will serve as a constant resource for improved health and abundant living."

It's available either as a HUGE Hardcover printed volume for $99.95 or on CD-ROM for $79.95 (if you like to "have it all" - you can get the combo for $129.95).

Okay - I have to admit...I "know" we should be eating more healthy at the Bentz Laboratory. But, I've been avoiding this issue. Not anymore! This very well written (and not "preachy") unit study has changed my mind. The authors have put together a very good case for the how and why of nutrition and our bodies, and make a point - it is God we honor by taking care of our body.

Once I printed it out, (yes, the whole 448 page book - just because I love a book in my hands. You may want to just go ahead and get the book/CD-rom combo!) I couldn't put it down. Each unit is written in a very easy to understand format. I loved the receipes at the end of each unit, as well as the learning activities.

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But, the information in the Apendices in the back - well, that's worth the price of the entire book, right there! Tons and tons of information you need to have to make healthy choices. Artificial sweetners, dairy, cleaning chemicals - just to name a few of them. This is actually a reference tool you can use over and over.

This Unit study combines a through study of the human body, and a through study of nutrition - all together in a Biblical, Christian manner. We have been studing Anatomy and Physiology this year, and this is the perfect complement to it.

If you are like me, "Health" has been a topic for your homeschool that you knew you "should" be teaching, but probably did not know where to start. Well, don't look any further - start with Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

I think this would be a perfect course for your local Co-op as well, and they offer co-op licenses for just $35.00!

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  1. I love a book in my hands too! I am thinking of purchasing it... I have spent so much $$ already though. lol Enjoyed your review!

  2. I like a book in my hand, too. I'm not sure I can swing the price of printing mine off, yet....but will definitely print off the recipes!! :-)