Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Master Ruler

Hello again, another review for the TOS Review crew coming you way! I was sent this product in exchange for my opinion, no compensation...

The Master Ruler is an invention of Master Innovations
You can find them here

Cost: $9.95

The Master Ruler is designed to decrease student frustration with measurement. It really is a neat little tool. A clear plastic ruler, designed with colored overlays for each of the fractions of measurment. It is easy to use and much easier to measure accurately. It is available in Standard and/or Metric. You can purchase it indivdually or as part of a kit including a Workbook to practice skills.

One feature we found extremely useful was the ability to compare equivalent fractions with it. (Don't you love it when God "coordinates" your curriculum with some nifty product you get to test?! I was just struggling through this concept with another one of my "non-math" brained kids...)

I think this video explains how to use it very well...

Master Ruler Video

In addition to the Master Ruler, this company offers other useful innovations like the Master Clock, Master Fractions, Master Angles and the Marvels of Measurement Poster.

I love math products that help me teach the concepts in a new and hands-on way. This one did just that. It also came with a handy Lesson book, and the kiddos are happily measuring everything in sight.

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