Sunday, November 14, 2010

Benjamin Franklin

What perfect timing! We were given another fabulous Download N Go Unit Study, by Amanda Bennett to review (didn't get paid...) just as our fabulous Co-op was studying guess who... Benjamin Franklin!

Download N Go Unit studies are 5 day long learning adventures. And, the best part... you just have to Download it and you are ready to GO (no teacher prep needed!). Selah and Lydia can't wait to suprise their history teacher at Co-op this week!

Each unit is regularly $7.95 - but, this Ben Franklin unit is currently on SALE for $6.25 at

Numerous Titles and topics are available to pick from - I promise, you can find something to catch every child's attention.

This unit featured - Ben Franklin (did you know he was one of 17 children! No wonder he is considered so great...)

We learned all about him, and people and places in his life, his accomplishments, lessons we can learn from him and remembrances of him. (did you know he invented swim fins? what would we do without those?!)

The unit is full of interesting links and learning activities. We love the lapbook feature (everything is done for you - all you need is to cut and complete!)

We found plenty of extra book suggestions to add to our study, as well as, Fun Family Ideas. (we are currently making the neatest Ben Franklin puppet ever...)

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