Friday, November 12, 2010

Corps Of Re-Discovery

Selah LOVED this project. She's been begging to do a "craft" everyday for what feels like the last 10 years (even though she's only 7...)

We were sent an Indian Fringe Pouch Kit to review for our still unpaid position with The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.

You can find yours online at
Retail cost: $11.99

This was so easy to do! The kit came with everything you needed, including the pre-punched leather pieces, fringe, needle, and cord. Selah was able to handle sewing it together, all by herself in less than an hour (I know the exact time, because she did it in the van during violin lessons...)

She is very proud of her creation. In fact, she couldn't wait to take it to our homeschool co-op the next day to show her American History teacher. Everyone was quite impressed with her ability, and my "creativity". I almost hated to admit how very easy and convenient it was (and it didn't have any of my "creativity" included)

This Homeschool family owned and operated business offers numerous projects to give your students the "hands on" experiences to go with learning American History. Pioneer and Colonial, Frontier and Indian. Projects ranging from Quill pens to Quilts, leatherworking and even Knife throwing (very glad they didn't send me throwing knives to review - can you imagine the chaos with 8 children?!!) I'm sure you can find a project everyone will enjoy.

With Christmas coming soon, these would make the perfect stocking stuffers!

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  1. Very nice review. So glad she enjoyed making it. I am really liking the chocolate leather colored ones. We got the lighter one.

    Oh, wanted to mention that you can actually have live links by clicking that little chain icon in the top tool bar of your posts-you will get a box with 2 blank spots-the top is where you can type the name of the link and the bottom is the Http:// link. Makes it easier for readers to get to the site. HTH

    FM Sheri