Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

I pulled together one of our best yet family themes! And - all for a total cost of $1.27!! I was kinda dreading pulling off a Halloween costume theme this year... with all the upheaval, and most of our stuff still at storage. Matt wanted me to bring the kiddos to "reverse trick-or-treat" at the office again this year (we bring candy to his co-workers) so the pressure was on!

I put it off... but, my dear friend Michelle, helped get the creative juices flowing with some encouragement (thanks Michelle). I looked around for what was available to work with - what did I see - lots of moving boxes! A scissors, some borrowed craft paint, a little twine, some cardboard - and wa la.... Pool Balls 1-8 were ready!

The kiddos were a huge hit at the office. But, we did need to take off Esther's costume early - teething babies and cardboard don't go so well together...

We joined some good friends - the Cronks, for trick or treating. It was a beautiful evening, and the streets were packed with kiddos and parents. (the most trick or treaters I've ever seen!)

The kids were delighted - until someone asked Sam if he was a bowling ball... Luke said someone called him a pinball. I guess without the "full set" of 8 in one place, people didn't "get" it!

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  1. I was looking through Rebecca's pics this morning when I came across youradorable costumes. (It reminded me I hadn't stopped by in a while.) Great idea!! Glad to see you guys are settling in and love the pumpkin bog post ;-)