Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Bog

It finally stopped raining here and we got out to experience Fall in Arkansas. We went to a local pumpkin bog...er... patch. It showed alot of promise, beautiful trees - starting to turn color, a nice drive - not long enough for anyone to get carsick, a packed picnic lunch.... absolutely perfect!

Except - when we arrived at the bog...er... patch - it looked a "little" muddy. I'm not completely sure, but I don't think large passenger vans make good off road vehicles.

After a strict warning to the kiddos to "STAY OUT OF THE MUD" - we unpacked everyone, loaded up the double stroller and set off. My first inkling that this was more than we bargained for - my sandles were completely covered in mud after stepping out of the van! Matt continued to heave the stroller through wheel deep mud onto the wood pallet bridge accross the "muddy" area to the waiting pumpkins.

Meanwhile, Josh and Lydia are clinging to me for safety, and I am trying to find a foot hold where we don't "sink" in too far.... So much for staying out of the mud. Noah begins to remind us to "look out for snakes" and "people with banjos" (I'm not sure exactly where that came from - but I may have made several remarks about life in rural AR lately....)

Ha! We grabbed a couple of pumpkins, I don't even care - just whatever is closest! Forded the nearby stream of mud and high-tailed it out of there. Everyone is crying by now, covered in mud, dressed in MN style shorts/tshirts and sandals, "locals" here were in parkas, mittens and snowboots - no lie!

We were determined for Family Fun to be Found - so off we go to the park for a picnic. The kiddos actually begged to eat in the van - even with the temptation of a huge playset waiting for them.

What a day - but, most certainly - our most memorable adventure to find the Great Pumpkin!!!
PS- the bright side, I had something to "blog" about!

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  1. TOO FUNNY!!! Good to see the pictures! Love Lydia's face!

    Were you the anonymous poster about the sewing machine. I did want to add that it is my moms!!! Of course I don't own a sewing machine:-) Although I have been sewing up a storm!

    My mom can't believe you had time to send out a thank you note! You put me to shame!!!!