Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now What do I do?

Well, we're here... the boxes are kinda unpacked, school is back in session, now what?
We had a bit a rough landing, lots of drama and suspense with the house sale (where did "water issues" come from? - never saw that one coming...!)

Now we are in our spacious, 3 bedroom rental home, it looks as if our house in MN will close on Oct 23rd - it's time to move forward. The only problem, I don't know which way is forward?! I can't wait until finding my way to a carton of milk doesn't seem like such a huge adventure!!! Moving is HARD! Not to mention, it hasn't stopped raining since we arrived, it's gray and wet all the time - it matches my mood. I need some sunshine soon. But, at least it's not snowing here, and it is snowing in Minnesota!

A good friend wants me to put a "diaper counter" on my blog - does anyone know how to set one up? I have 3 in diapers, so it could make for some impressive numbers!!!

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