Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost Home!

We're almost home... We closed on our new house yesterday! We are planning on having our "stuff" delivered in 2 weeks - just in time for Thanksgiving.

I can't say I'll be sad to leave our COZY little rental and move on to our new house. But, I have learned some lessons during our time here:

1. We have way too much "stuff"! (only about 1/3 of our total belongings are here - the rest went to storage - and except for a few things, we didn't miss it much).

2. Kids don't need toys - our toys are all still packed, and they have just made new things to play with out of packing boxes and paper!

3. Perler beads can make you crazy, but they keep the kiddos busy for hours! 8,500 pcs per bucket - 3 buckets full since we moved in...

4. Packing materials make great, cheap Halloween costumes!

5. Small houses are great for cleaning - I can vacuum the entire house without unplugging.

6. Golden Retreivers should only be kept in houses with fenced yards, not small, un-fenced rental properties.

7. Family togetherness won't kill you. (the constant noise will...but being together isn't that bad)

8. Kiddos don't need their own rooms, or even their own beds. Ours have been 4 to a room, and some of them - 2 to a twin bed. And they are actually enjoying it!

9. It does stop raining in Arkansas... it rained the first 2 weeks we were here, but the sun is shining now.

10. I will appreciate every square foot of our new home!


  1. The new house is beautiful!! Love the Halloween costumes...great idea! I have been are you all feeling?

  2. The house is GORGEOUS!!! Please post inside pics as well once you're settled, I'd love to see the rest!!