Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Words Rock Online from EdAlive: A TOS Crew Review



Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Words Rock Online from EdAlive

Summer is a great time to sneak in some learning that looks more like a video game!  Words Rock Online from EdAlive is an online, adaptive learning program designed to help your students (ages 5-15) with core literacy skills like vocabulary, spelling, grammar, punctuation and pre-literacy in a fun game-like environment.

Parents login first and set up student user accounts.  The program will work on any internet ready device - tablets, computers and smartphones - you can take it on the go!

Students can choose to play a multi-player, Battleship-type game to capture slugs and earn points. The program is an adaptive learning format, that means it records and adjusts the difficulty of questions to each student.  Players can choose quick games against other players or against the computer. My testers really didn't like the game - it seemed to take too long for the turns, and they quickly tired of it.

My students preferred to choose the "Questions Only" option.  In this mode, students are asked a WIDE variety of language questions including vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The questions are varied, with an option to choose "Too Hard" if the question is above their level.

What my students enjoyed most was the variety.  Some questions have them typing in the answer, some moving the boxed word and other variations. Here's a peek at some of the questions:

At first the questions were easy for them, but the adaptive learning function adjusted questions to more and more difficult questions.  Each question allows the student the opportunity to attempt to answer twice before displaying the correct answer.  

This one even stumped me!

The questions cover spelling, vocabulary, grammar & punctuation and advanced grammar questions.  You can also choose the "all content" option and have all types of questions in a random order. It's a fun way to review and keep those skills sharp over the summer.

Each question is presented in a fun, cartoon illustrated way.

Spelling exercises are included too...

These type of questions were great for developing careful reading and details!

The parent account lets you see detailed results so you can know what needs some more attention, and which skills are mastered.

The program is not comprehensive enough to teach the skills, but it can be a fun way to sneak in some review.

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